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Keep Stocking Up on Food, Water Security, other needed to weather long storm

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Food prices will continue to rise — 90 percent chance, according to me. Remember that I started beating this drum hard in January 2020 and this proved true just months later.

HIGHLY suggest you stock up on all things you need to stay home for extended periods.

Do NOT tell others you are prepping.

If you live around smart people who are prepared, your risks are much lower. If you live around people who are taking inventory of preppers — YOU are their backup plan.

I use a Berkey water-filter for home, and a Katadyn pocket filter for travel. Prices for both shot up since I started warning in January 2020.

Remember that when water goes out, toilets do not work.

Everyone’s conditions are different. Some live in condos in Manhattan. Others live in distant areas with clear mountain streams, or on islands, in deserts, and so on. Everyone has their own circumstance. Everyone needs food and water.

Stock up on needed medications. I warned of this in January 2020. Much of our pharmaceuticals come from China. After I warned, CCP threatened to cut off America.

NBA and Hollywood and some Congress people still take a knee.

Stock up.

It’s has become clear that vaccines are not working as advertised. Government fallback now — in face of obvious — is that people are becoming less ill when they have been vaccinated. This sets stage for The Great Vaccine Escape. Vaccine escape was taboo to talk about just a month ago, but now official sources talk about it openly.

Endless jabs with untested substances of many sorts, from various sources. Rolling the dice again and again and again.

All while vaccinated people continue to become infected and the virus learns to pick the locks.

Not end of times. Just stormy weather ahead. We will get through. But being prepared makes things much easier.

Go back and see my January/February/March 2020 live streams. Steel on steel. Far more accurate than most captured ‘experts.’

Serious storms ahead.

My interview from January 2020 is dead on target. Audit yourself. Was I right or wrong in January 2020?


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