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ISAF Joint Command morning operational update


16 August 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan (August 16) – An Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in search of a group of insurgents in Nizam-e Shahid district, Herat province yesterday.

When the security force found the insurgents, they engaged them with a precision airstrike.  After the strike, the force conducted a follow-on assessment and confirmed the strike had killed multiple insurgents.  The security force also confirmed the strike had not injured any civilians or damaged any civilian property.

The insurgents, who belonged to an insurgent cell controlled by Abdulla Akbari, were planning a large scale attack against Afghan government officials and Afghan security forces in the Herat.

Akbari leads a group of insurgents responsible for improvised explosive attacks throughout the province and rocket attacks against Herat Airfield.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


In Ishkamish district, Takhar province, yesterday, an Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation to find Mullah Anwar, a senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader. During the operation, the security force was attacked by a group of insurgents. The force returned fire and conducted a precision airstrike.  After the strike, the force conducted a follow-on assessment and confirmed the strike had killed multiple insurgents including Anwar. Anwar is the senior IMU military leader in Burkah district, Baghlan province and was involved in the assassination of the Ishkamish district mayor on Monday. The security force also detained two suspected insurgents and seized multiple weapons and explosives during the operation.


An Afghan and coalition force arrested two suspected insurgents during an operation in search of a Taliban weapons distributer in Washer district, Helmand province, today. The Taliban weapons distributer is in charge of acquiring weapons, ammunition and funds for Taliban fighters in Washer district.

Afghan and coalition officials confirmed today that the insurgent killed by a precision airstrike in Panjwa’i district, Kandahar province, Tuesday, was the Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Shah provided heavy weapons and explosive components to insurgents operating in the region. He also coordinated and directed insurgent attacks, frequently using improvised explosive devices to attack security forces.


In Muqer district, Ghazni province, an Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation to find the Taliban leader Jihadmal today. During the operation, the security force engaged and killed an armed insurgent who was threatening them.  During the follow-on assessment, the Afghan and coalition force confirmed the dead insurgent was Jihadmal.  Jihadmal planned, coordinated and led multiple attacks in the region against Afghan and coalition forces.  The security force also detained two suspected insurgents during the operation.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    EOD Dad · 9 years ago
    It's nice to hear of some succesful operations once in a while. To bad the MSM won't report any of the good news.

    As always, Thanks Michael
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hawkfinder · 9 years ago
    With bows and scrapes to Erich Maria Remarque, "Im Westens, nicht neues," or, as we say it, "All Quiet on the Western Front." Who will be the last to die?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John - Capt in ANG · 9 years ago
    To EOD Dad and everyone else, this is really what happens every day. You just never hear about it. SOF is kicking down doors every day. ANSF, ALP, MoD, and other Afghan organizations are making arrests, convicting terrorists, and disposing of caches. We're empowering them to do "evidence based operations." It's not at all idea, perfect or as dar as it should be, but they see the wisdom in preparing cases, documenting DNA/Fingerprints and then using the rule of law to prosecute. In some cases we do all the work, in many cases it's teamwork between ISAF/SOF/US and the Afghans, and sometimes they even do the whole thing themselves.

    As backward as this country is and will be after conventional forces leave, it is moving forward in baby steps. There are many good news stories every day. It just doesn't sell newspapers and to be honest, most wouldn't understand why something is good or not good if they did print it.

    If you had the free time, you'd also see this type of news release comes out all the time from ISAF public affairs. I'm glad Michael is giving it some play in the blog-world, but I just wish mainstream could try to spend as much time on the positive as they do on the negative.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Raina · 3 years ago
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