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IMPORTANT SITREP from Lithuania — Effects on Lithuania/EU


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Belarus Weaponizing ‘Migration’ through Lithuania to EU:

This fence only a few hundred meters long. This and some cameras are the main Lithuanian defence. Europe better do something fast or this may be the new Greece in a month or two.

The border is mostly 422 miles of farmland and an unguarded river. Lithuanian authorities say an Iraqi ‘travel agency’ has been set up in Baghdad to fly Iraqis and others straight to Minsk, capital city of Belarus. From Minsk they are transported to the Lithuanian border and pushed forward. Some migrants apparently become lost and travel back into Belarus and are then sent back to Lithuania.

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Chuck Holton and I toured facilities which are far better than many backpackers face. Yet as in other countries, we hear or see protests from migrants for not getting religion-specific free-food, and so forth.

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Lithuanian police say Iraqis sometimes become angry because they do not wish to share facilities with Africans.
I made this image at 2208 local time last night. Was out last night until 2300 with border police watching border.

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My estimate: Lithuania is about to get flooded by Belarus. Belarus dictator has specifically threatened to flood Lithuania and EU with ‘migrants’ and radioactive material, and he is making good on the migrants.

According to various Lithuanian officials I spoke with here in Lithuania, Lithuania has information that Belarus is actively flying in ‘migrants’, issuing visa on arrival, wiping their phones of all historical information, and forcing them to the border.

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Iraqi Kurds told us yesterday they were bussed but did not know the route they took. Many Africans from Congo, Cameroon, more.

Belarus is weaponizing migrants. Belarus, using Lithuania as unwilling transit, is shaping up to make Lithuania the new Greece, the new Ceuta, the Mexico of EU.

FRONTEX is too small to help much. EU best step up now. United States has a hard time with our border. Greece, Ceuta, same. Lithuania has many miles of unguarded EU border. Every town in EU is a border town.

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Lithuanian is about to get flooded — my guess.

Finally, thank you for your financial support. This work is expensive.


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