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Write a comment Michael, I disagree on just a couple of points: The intelligence was NOT shoddy. Sadaam Hussein was a WMD-wielding, terrorist supporting, megalomaniac. He was just one of the threats to U.S. forces in th region. I'm an Iraq War vet, and I'm damned glad we took out the sonofabitch along with the Al Qaeda and taliban in Afghanistan. BTW: We found WMDs not yet discovered by U.N. inspectors. The reconstruction was slow in coming (we had to wait unil the fighting subsided) but the infrastructure, to include government and economic, progressed faster than the media gave credit. The "insurgency" consisted mostly of terrorists coming in from Syria, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East. In other words, the same places that breed, fund, and train them. The 'collapse into anarchy and civil war' that Pelosi, Reid, and company salivated for, never quite took hold. Don't hold your breath for a masive turnout of democrats in response to your invitation. They've gone from pro-terrorist/defeatist propaganda to scant coverage, to lame excuses, and finally, grudging respect. There's still a number of them who want to get out of the war on Islamofascism before they finally have to admit we've won. That's the raw truth as I see it.
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