Good idea, Solomon2

Write a comment I totally agree, Solomon2, and I think most Afghans would also agree with your suggestion. It is the first post here I have seen for a while that shows some intelligent and constructive ideas. I was beginning to think that I was wasting my time trying to explain to people who were probably in kindergarten while I was living in Afghanistan, what the country is really like and what Afghans see us as. The first dozen times I visited Afghanistan between 1965 and mid-1973, it was ruled by a king just as you describe - King Zahir Shah, a Pashtun. The entire country had enjoyed decades of peace and although it was "underdeveloped" the people were content with what they had. In those years I was travelling throughout Eurasia and Afghanistan was my favourite country. I travelled across all its regions by public transport and by horse, learning the language, meeting the people and being welcomed everywhere. The king was universally accepted and respected. These neocon western ideologues like Brit in Colorado and Baloney who think the answer is to impose democracy through the barrel of a gun, onto a culture that is diametrically opposite to their own, haven't got a clue. You cannot shove your own particular style of culture down other, alein peoples' throats telling them that you know it's good for them and they better accept it or they will be shot. That's the democratic equivalent of conversion by the sword. We have enough problems to sort out in our own countries without exporting "democracy" (I am coming to be fed up of that word which is starting to be a euphemism for forced economic dependence or let's go hunting those who think different to us) to distant lands where the people are perfectly capable of sorting things out their own way. We need to respect other people and their culture and try to imporve our own conditions at home instead of interfering, invading and imposing our ideology on people that don't want it. Well said, Solomon2, and I really appreciate your input. I was beginning to feel all alone and am glad to hear another voice of sanity and wisdom amidst the crackle of guns and bombs radiating from True Brit Grit in Colorado and Rambo Baloneyism.
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