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General McCaffrey receives West Point Distinguished Graduate Award



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    ROUGH-JUSTICE · 11 years ago
    Golly - words escape me. This pile of self-aggrandizement is brought to us by whom ? I can only guess, but it appears to be a self-serving (I guess I said that already) press release sent out by the West Point Political Academy, honoring one of their graduates for his relatively short military career - 6 years - and his relatively long career in complex political-military assignments. (Oh boy, here it comes now !) It looks like he spent many, many years as Special Assistant (that means unbudgeted) to just about everybody, and everybody found him so capable, somebody slapped another star on him and made him CIC of U.S. Southern Command. Along with the U.S. Northern Command, that comprises the completely un-Constitutional assignment of U.S. military troops to active duty inside U.S. borders, to protect the U.S. government from U.S. citizens. They also serve to protect illegal immigrants from U.S. citizens, I assume, since they obviously aren't doing the opposite.

    But to continue with the distinguished career to be honored: having done a superb job of keeping U.S. citizens peaceful, Bill (I didn't inhale) Clinton wanted this distinguished leader of many political-military assignments to create a U.S. drug policy. No indication of whether said policy was 'for' or 'against' drugs. Nevertheless, the leadership showed through again, as the 'War on Drugs' has proven to be as successful in accomplishing mission, as has been the Dept. of Energy in fighting the "Moral Equivalent of War" (Carter's battle cry) to make the U.S. energy independent.

    Ever the mentor and teacher, the honoree is currently serving time explaining 'complex national security issues' to NBC news, so they know what to edit out as too embarrassing for Washington pols to have thrown at the viewing audience. Then, just to be sure the star studded General knows quite clearly the goals of the political elite, he was invited to join the CFR to be further indoctrinated into the complexities of his political-military assignments. What a hero.

    I was getting a little encouraged at first, that here might be a man who would speak out for Lt. Michael Behenna, also a recognized outstanding leader who has earned many military honors on the battlefield. Unfortunately our troops will not be able to avail themselves of Lt. Behenna's leadership, since he is currently serving a twenty year sentence in military prison on trumped up charges of non-premeditated murder...of a known Islamic terrorist and killer, on the battlefield in Iraq ! At first I thought that someone as skilled and experienced in complex political-military assignments would be able to find out: 1. Why the jury was not composed of peers (with combat experience); and, 2. Why a military judge would not immediately declare a mis-trial when he was advised, after sentencing, that the Army prosecutors had withheld evidence that would have corroborated Lt. Behenna's story (and taken the licenses of said prosecutors on the spot); and . Why the Army has four times postponed the hearing for appeal - especially considering the extenuating circumstances of the case against Lt. Behenna; and 4. Why Lt. Behenna is being held in prison pending the outcome of his appeal hearing, since the Army has admitted that evidence known to be favorable to the defense was suppressed; and there is no evidence that the Lt. is considered either a flight risk, or a danger to society.

    But, once I read that the West Point honoree commanded military troops assigned to active duty on U.S. soil; applied his leadership skills so strongly in the 'War on Drugs' in the U.S. that drug use has more than doubled; is so busy explaining complex national security issues to NBC correspondents who couldn't find Italy on a folded map of the world; and is dining monthly with the 'one-world' political elites, I thought I could safely assume this man was not going to mess up his chance at another meaningless political award, over some "Duty, Honor, Country" malarkey that he got re-defined for him forty years ago when that great burden was lifted from his shoulders by two little words: "It depends." (Or, as Bill Clinton put it, much more comically, "What do you mean by "is" ?)

    We are freakin' doomed. RJ
  • This commment is unpublished.
    G in S.D. · 11 years ago
    To RJ, author of the above comment,
    I applaud your concise, factual comment on the apparatchik career of Gen. McCaffrey and his willful ignorance of our brave heroes incarcerated for taking the fight to the enemy.

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