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FYSA: Am in Atlanta ground-sensing

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Georgia is an epicenter in the election issues. Atlanta is capital of Georgia.

I likely will not go live from the ground. Much to listen and watch.

There sure is a LOT of highway work on I-85. Going on for years, based on reports I see when checking online. Amazing we spent so many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and trillions of dollars, and I see so many shoddy roads in my travels. Not to mention homelessness on levels I have never seen before in America.

We sure built a lot of roads in Afghanistan. Where we are unwelcome. We gotta close down all these meaningless wars and focus on our own body.

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    Milo Mindbender · 1 years ago
    I have a confession to make. I have just this year learned that the electoral college votes are in 48 states a winner takes all system. I had always assumed that the delegates from each represented district voted as their district directed, and the popular winner got the states 2 senatorial as a prize.
    I am ashamed that at 55 years old I have not paid enough attention to my own government and its self serving policies. Winner takes all just about nullifies the electoral colleges protection against urban/city overreach.
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      Wygent03 · 1 years ago
      Maybe, but in the West and midwest it moves the centers of power from the coastal megalopolises. Billings, Boise, Salt Lake City, Fargo, Rapid City, Omaha, Tulsa, even though they are urbanized, are far less liberal, anti-rural, anti agriculture, anti blue collar, anti gun and more disposed toward working for what you want, preserving families, paying your own way, cultivating independence, treating others equally etc., than NYC, Chicago, Boston, DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, SF or LA. So the states that they dominate will have some influence toward conservatism. Also, it appears that we're entering a phase where more people are leaving the metroplexes and moving to rural areas and small towns. There will obviously be some influences moving in both directions from that melding of cultures. We are certainly better off with Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas diluting the vote from the coastal elites than without them.

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