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Write a comment Im an infantryman in the U.S. Army, and i did (and still am) a lot of research about things like this: Yes, Obama's dad was a muslim, but he was a Kenyan. Kenya is not an arab country. Its not the primary language (its Swahili and English ) and the religion is not Islam, therefore he is not of arab descent. says: Arab -noun 1. a member of a Semitic people inhabiting Arabia and other countries of the Middle East. 2. a member of any Arabic-speaking people. Also: Afganistan, Iran, and the other Persian nations are not Arabs? They speak farsi and pashtu! In most of the arab countries (ex: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq) there are MANY christians who are arab! Why? They speak the language and have lived there for thousands of years (ethnically arab). One more point: Obama is a christian now, regardless of what he practiced before. Remember the Bill of Rights? Freedom of Religion is right in there. I do remember one fundamental piece of our country is the freedom from religious persecution, and thats all i see these days. I am an independent voter. I do what is right for humanity, not for my personal beliefs (except freedom of religion of course)
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