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Free copies of Moment of Truth in Iraq


FREE copies of Moment of Truth in Iraq are available with a 12 month subscription to Townhall magazine. Total cost for 12 months of this excellent magazine is only $34.95. For details, please click on the short article by none-other than Hugh Hewitt. I like to avoid politics, but Hugh digs in!

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    Wendell L. Doc Roy · 12 years ago
    It's 3:45am and I just finished reading MOMENT OF TRUTH IN IRAQ. The answer to your finishing question: If the Dems win this election we will immediately turn our backs on Iraq. With an approaching, overwhelming Democrat Congress we're a goner, too. Take your pick.
    Yesterday, I went to our Colordo State Republican Convention as a delegate. The Denver newspapers gave us one page, page 8. The TV didn't even give a picture of proceedings. Three weeks ago the Dems had their state convention: With pages and pages of frontal coverage and hours of TV announcement.
    I despise the media bias we are forced to endure.
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    Winston · 12 years ago
    Loved your book and appreciate your sense of duty to bring us true stories from the war zone.
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    Freedom Now · 12 years ago

    It is quite possible that you may be right that the Dems will turn their back on Iraq if they win the election, but keep in mind that with responsibility their tune may change.

    Whoever the President is at the time of a premature withdrawal, he or she will get the blame for the resulting slaughter.

    Obama has dumped his pastor and church as well as selling out his grandmother. He has no sense of loyalty and when faced with such a responsibility he may come around. Whatever faults he may have, he is still an intelligent person. (Well, at least the media certainly thinks so.)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tripp Williams · 12 years ago
    Barrack has promised to pull our troops out of Iraq, but he is not known for keeping his promises or his loyalty; so, my guess is once he gets in office and gets the intelligence briefings, he will reneg on his promise to get out of Iraq. After all, the one thing we can count on with Barrack and most leftists is they usually do the opposite of what they say.

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