End this war (by winning it).

Write a comment “What makes you think I’m a journo? I take it as a compliment!” Don’t take it as a compliment! You did admit to be filming in Afghanistan for an Australian TV station, was that a fib? ”Are you seriously calling them “democracies”? Both countries are under military occupation with puppet governments.” Iraq and Afghanistan have puppet governments? Really? You do realise they were put in place by the people, in democratic elections! The turnout by the way was much higher than what is seen typically seen in the West. “I suppose you’d count Vietnam as one when the US left.” It certainly not a democracy now after the antiwar movement refused to fund the South as the USSR and China stage managed the conquest of a sovereign nation and the installation of a brutal communist puppet dictatorship. ”I suppose you’d support GWB’s economic policies, too, hmmm ... “ Well, he did try to reverse the socialist economic practices that collapsed the mortgage industry. ”As regards hand to hand skills of the Reds, like your well-spoken friend Baloney you’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick. It was not me, but the Freedom Fighters who praised the Reds’ bravery as compared to Yanks.” The Taliban terrorists are just smarting from the lopsided thumping the Brits and Yanks hand out to them every day. Of course they will lie about it! “That more Soviets were killed shows 2 things” 1) The Soviet military were incompetent boobs relative to the US and 2) The Soviets were hated occupiers imposing communism and not liberators offering freedom. ”I’m told there were windows of opportunity, after the Soviets left, and after the Taliban were ‘defeated’ in 2001, when we could have intervened successfully bringing rebuilding resources and really benefiting people in the countryside, but both chances were wasted by our own incompetence and I reckon now it’s too late to “win hearts and minds”.” I’m told PRTS have been at work winning hearts and minds and dragging Afghanistan out of the Stone Age for half a decade now “Do you call that “success”? By what measure? “ By the establishment of a democratic government. By the expulsion of the Taliban from most of the territory they held pre-liberation. By the growth of the ANA to support the elected government of the Afghan people. ”And you keep repeating “the Taliban will be defeated”, as that will make it happen. Wake up, guys, get real. Come out of denial.” The Sunni insurgency, al-Qaeda, al-Sadr's militia and the Iranian terrorist groups were defeated in Iraq, why not the Taliban in Afghanistan.
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