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Dispatch 27: Pandemic Update

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Lacey, Washington

I'm out here sensing the ground and working on the network. Will soon make a serious fundraiser for a mobile communications/media vehicle that I will use to cover this around America. One generous soul already committed to matching the first $25,000 with an additional 25,000. The entire system will be not more than $240,000. More on that, later.


Folks who were watching my livestreams from Hong Kong in 2019 would often hear me talking about pandemic during breaks between molotov attacks and police battles. And so in January 2020, I was one of the very first to take this seriously, and was one of the first guests on War Room Pandemic after Steve Bannon asked me in January if I thought the pandemic was serious.

I am no infectious disease expert but years of self-study and world travel add up. If you refer back to my January and February writings and podcasts, you will see that my predictions -- guesses -- are incredibly accurate/lucky, so far.

Check the Jordan Harbinger interview that we taped in January: https://www.jordanharbinger.com/michael-yon-chinas-big-trouble-in-little-hong-kong/

Our January interview is amazingly accurate. Almost like a time machine.

With that in mind -- I strongly caution that we are far from through the constellation of circumstance. We are just getting started. We will be fine. Continue to prepare. 2021 will be the most interesting year of our lives.

A Turkish friend contacted me along the way saying he was thinking of committing suicide due to all the bad luck and losing his business. I said what are you xxxxx crazy? Suicide? 2020 is the most exciting year since dinosaurs built the pyramids. What kind of nut would commit suicide now? I can't wait to see what comes next! Losing your restaurant is just gaining your time and another opportunity to do something better! Turkish aren't supposed to commit suicide! They are tough! My friend was laughing before it was over. Our conversation was much longer but you get the drift. It's tough. So what. Be tough. Be a leader. We got work to do. And this is really exciting stuff! Always look at the bright side of life...

Lots going on today. More later.

Michael Yon
Your Writer and Scout

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