Dear Anonymous Brit in Colorado

Write a comment What makes you think I’m a journo? I take it as a compliment! Thanks. Actually, I’m just an accountant (retired). But wait! Are you seriously calling them “democracies”? Both countries are under military occupation with puppet governments, backed by billions in military funds funnelled in from the west. Funny democracies! I suppose you’d count Vietnam as one when the US left. As for BBC, we sit here and watch that, CNN and Fox. It’s self-evident what’s propaganda, or “perception management” as they say, and what’s objective, better researched and better informed. As for being a “lefty”, I’ve never been involved in politics, but seeing the damage your Neocon heroes did to the world since 2001 years I’ll take that as a compliment, too! I suppose you’d support GWB’s economic policies, too, hmmm ... As regards hand to hand skills of the Reds, like your well-spoken friend Baloney you’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick. It was not me, but the Freedom Fighters who praised the Reds’ bravery as compared to Yanks. That more Soviets were killed shows 2 things: 1. Unlike the Yanks they faced their enemy in close combat – the Yanks shy away from that since their public can’t take too many casualties. 2. It was Afghans who killed those 1100 Reds a year that you mention, this doesn’t make the Reds not brave. I guess they’d kill that many Yanks too if they fought in the field like the Reds did. But no, they use “Predators” to make “pieces of men blossom into the live feed” by remote control. How charmingly poetic. Oh, he didn’t say, how do Predators tell farmers apart from Al Qaeda terrorists? I hope you’re right that the number of foreign fighters coming into Afghanistan is decreasing. I assume your “surge” means that term excludes “good guys”. Afghans don’t need friends like born again Al Qaeda ‘moonbats’. They were the ruin of the Taleban. I agree, and I also disapprove of foreign intervention. You’ll never solve problems by killing more people. Every Afghan you kill recruits another 10 or 20 fighters ranged against you. I’m told there were windows of opportunity, after the Soviets left, and after the Taliban were ‘defeated’ in 2001, when we could have intervened successfully bringing rebuilding resources and really benefiting people in the countryside, but both chances were wasted by our own incompetence and I reckon now it’s too late to “win hearts and minds”. All the signs we see now indicate things are going from bad to worse. The Taleban were driven out of Kabul 2001! That’s 7 years ago! NATO casualties have been rising steadily for a while. Do you call that “success”? By what measure? They’ve got nothing to attack you with, except Kalashnikovs and some explosives. You have predators, stealth bombers, other deadly killing machines, tens of thousands of heavily armed troops and all the other resources that the US and NATO’s trillion-dollar budgets can bring in. And you keep repeating “the Taleban will be defeated”, as that will make it happen. Wake up, guys, get real. Come out of denial.
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