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04 September 2011
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

A message came today that a certain General has told me to unpublish "Battlefield Forensics."  “Battlefield Forensics” was first published on 18 August 2011.

This dispatch violates no policies.  It has cleared all OPSEC hurdles.  Again today an officer told me there are no OPSEC issues with any of my dispatches.  OPSEC refers to Operational Security.

Unless the General contacts me directly with justifiable cause, Battlefield Forensics will stay. It would be sad to end this way an embed that began at invitation of General Petraeus.  It would most likely be my final embed with the US Army.  The good news is that I will finish with both legs.

If the military decides to end my embed, as it did last year, the Army will not end my coverage of the war.  They will merely lose the opportunity to be seen through my lens and heard through my pen.  I will no longer have the opportunity to tell their side of the war.

There will be backlash against me.  There always is.  Typically they will wait until later to put some distance between events.

Please read Battlefield Forensics.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jason Cato · 8 years ago
    The update is in the comments here... Scroll up. It even starts with the word update. Hit Ctrl-F to open the find window, and type in update. Do that from the top of the page and it'll take you right to it.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jason Cato · 8 years ago
    Why should Michael let it go? Some jack-a$$ PAO tried to make him retract a dispatch by invoking a General's name. This was done to in an attempt to strong-arm Michael into complying. I hope this General invokes some foot-to-a$$ for the PAO.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jason Cato · 8 years ago
    Please refrain from calling the left wing liberals libtards. Or even liberals for that matter. I hate for the word liberty to be associated with those Moon-Bats. (The term of choice.)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Paul Hoglund · 8 years ago
    Keep up the great work! Don't be afraid to show the dead. War produces dead people, people of all kinds. 'Their people', 'our people, people just caught in the middle. Americans NEED to understand what war means! They can't understand that with numbers and charts. The truth is the vast majority of Americans never see your posts...which is a shame. Most of those that do read your work are actually INTERESTED in the TRUTH...and the truth is this war produces burned bodies, bodies with holes in them and bodies missing parts. (Not to mention the survivors and their families who must deal with the pain of such truths)

    Support the war or don't support the war, just follow your conscience, but take the time to get a perspective from the ground. A perspective of a man willing to tell the truth as he sees it. Read and support Michael Yon!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Julian · 8 years ago
    The Richard Vigilante Book company is still charging people's credit card accounts for Michael Yon books and sending them empty boxes; they refuse to reply to emails, letters or calls. It is obvious that they are a scam, the only question is, does Michael Yon cooperate with these thieves?

    I have sent Michael Yon support money before but unless he does something about his book sellers stealing hard earned money from HIS supporters, I will write him off - and how could I ever believe anything else he said? No way.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Julian · 8 years ago
    To Michael and anyone else who happens across this - the MOST amazing thing happened within the last hour or two. The incredible Ms. Kraft, one of Michael's tireless volunteers, contacted me and she and Rich Ganey are going the extra mile to get the book on its way to me.

    Although the Vigilante company remains, imho, an association which he could do without, the fact that Michael himself took the time to contact his people and have them contact me, speaks of a sincere and heartfelt desire to do the right thing. It not only restores my faith in the man and the mission, but also shows me that high-caliber men tend to have high-caliber staff and volunteers. So I send a snappy salute and a hearty 'thank you' to Michael Yon, Ms. Kraft and Mr. Ganey. If anyone reading this has any problem getting a book from the dullards at Vigilante, please go to the real source, and these people will take care of you.
    Signing off and popping smoke -
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karen Kraft · 8 years ago
    Dear Mr. Harper,

    Thank you for the personal email exchange we had earlier. I appreciate your kind words and your continued support of Michael. And I know Michael does as well.

    Julian, I can only imagine your frustration at having received an empty box when you were expecting a copy of "Inferno," and then not hearing from the publisher when you wrote about the delivery problem. That is not right. I can assure you that all parties behind the scenes are working to correct this book fulfillment problem.

    I know personally that Michael cares very much that the people who support him are treated right. So thank you, Julian, for raising the red flag to us so we can correct your book situation asap.

    If any other of Michael's supporters have had any book issues, please contact me at KKRL@AOL.com. I promise we will respond.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Alex Doiron · 8 years ago
    It has been a while since I read through it but I believe there is a Geneva convention prohibition against displaying photographs of the enemy's dead. As an embeded reporter the US army may believe that the geneva convention applies to you and thus you are prohibited from displaying those photographs. I have no way of knowing what the General is thinking but the above is a posibility.

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