Atomic Bomb and Suicide


26 May 2009
Went into a Korean travel agency in Thailand today to buy an airline ticket.  Am heading to Singapore, Philippines, then Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The staff at the agency is Korean and their customers are nearly all Korean.  The staff looked like zombies.  Really out of it.  Dumb stares and all.  Was very strange because they truly seemed to be in shock.

 I sat down quietly -- they mostly ignored my presence -- and finally I brought up the topic of the atomic test.  Turns out the atomic bomb on their doorstep is not what they were dumb-stricken about.  They completely ignored the nuclear test when I brought up the topic.  They were in shock (and said so) about the suicide of the former President.

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    Alex Su · 11 years ago
    Most South Koreans have lived for decades in the shadow of Pyongyang's threats. They have what some analysts term "Kim Jong Il" fatigue. And for many years, the threats have been rhetoric meant for domestic and great powers consumption. In other words, really just to get the North Korean masses riled up or to push our buttons.

    And while I don't know if South Koreans should ignore the recent missile launches (as of this writing, 5) and nuclear bomb testing, they certainly find the suicide of former President. Roh to be far more shocking to their political realm. Roh was supposed to be a reformer. A man of humble beginnings, Roh was cast as the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" type, who didn't make it to university. His election gave a lot of Koreans outside of Seoul hope and optimism. Roh also had a history as a democracy activist in the days when the ROK was still a military dictatorship.

    Anyone else have an opinion?
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    Gary Leynos · 11 years ago
    How sad when you compared them, you can find a lot of similarities - too many.....
    But ours has been locked up for trial and I don't think he got guts to end his life like the counterpart in ROK.

    From Taiwan, Republic of China.
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    winston · 11 years ago
    He was corrupt and he died of an honorable death in his culture, I guess. No?
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    Ed Dolores Jr. · 11 years ago
    Welcome to the Philippines. Hope the stop here would charge up your batteries for your work in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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    jen pfeifer · 11 years ago
    I pray for the people of Korea this way to lose a leader is sad and one who was doing his best to do the best for his people I pray the people will have inner peace and strength to focus on the future.
    It seems like nations are getting attacked by internal sources both spiritual and governmental to tear and use the people as disposables. When without us they would and will cease. They destroy the very thing that gives them power. They are insane and they actually believe they will succeed and keep this power forever.
    The solution is simple in our nation, we already have in the constitution a safety net that if the government steps too far off it tells you what to do next. I most concerned about Porto Rico and their loyalty to their blood. It is blinding them to see clear this communistic judge in. It is too bad people really do look at race but they do not see that the stature of liberty is blindfolded to not see race. We are in some trouble but have no need to fear underdog is here. Guys the cartoons even have been sending us a warning. The bad guy is always trying to take over the world, well why did anyone heed the warnings and stay ready. Better get in gear. Got to go. PeaceN
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