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Army Sham Investigation into Loss of Chazray Clark



26 June 2012

Yesterday the Army delivered its sham investigation into the loss of Chazray Clark in September 2011.  The attack that took Chazray’s life is described in RED AIR.

Through the months, I and others have been in contact with Chazray’s mother and wife.  They strongly wish that we continue this fight.  They are not satisfied by the investigation.

There are many giveaways that the investigation is a sham.  One of those clues is that the Army did not request my unedited video, despite that I publicly offered it to the White House and Pentagon.  They were satisfied with the edited version online.  Crucial information for the investigation is found in the unedited version.  It is important to note that the Army tried to make it appear that I was lying about the case—until I produced the inconvenient video.  They were caught.

No serious investigation could have occurred without my video.  The Army has willfully ignored reality to reach their desired fiction.  The Army has deceived the Congress, and the public in this case.

Sadly, the Army cannot even perform a simple cover-up.  A smart investigator intent on cover up would at least have asked for the video to make the appearance of due diligence.

This all is reminiscent of the horrendous and bold deceptions and cover-up in the Pat Tillman case, which quickly fell apart.

Video on the Pat Tillman Cover up.

RED AIR: Mission wherein Chazray was lost.

Video of attack on Chazray.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    herrol · 9 years ago
    how can we see the unedited version?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brian Hart · 9 years ago
    Michael after getting the OK from his family, perhaps you should publish the full video.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    christopher dague · 9 years ago
    if you filmed this from the IED to TOF then show it...FUCK congress or the idiots slowing down Dustoff Ops.

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