Answer to Dan Daniel - Part II

Write a comment I’ve no “anti-American ideology”, this has no basis. I’m anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist, anti-pre-emptive war, anti-torture; pro-freedom, pro-democracy, pro-accountability, pro-education, pro-peace; I’m pro-American in the sense I support all good things America does; I’ve a healthy proportion of amiable, admirable and patriotic Americans amongst the friends I love dearly and in general I see Americans as the same as others, why not? I’ve no bias to any particular group and I don’t oppose anyone’s actions unless they are shown and known to harm others, like Al Qaeda - or your Neocons. We all have the same body, mind, emotions, brain, pain, needs and aspirations. It’s just that a gang called the Neocons somehow seized power over there and is busy screwing up the whole world for everyone else, plus screwing up its own country in the process. We all have to really thank GWB and gang for ripping aside the curtain of propriety and apparent virtue that used to cloak the USA’s image in the world. He exposed it for what it is for everyone to see, naked aggressors, excessive greed, and who cares what anybody thinks – ‘we have the power, we’re gonna use it’. That’s what I don’t support, but I don’t see it as something “American”, it’s just bad human traits that sometimes get in power and wreak havoc. It happens from time to time in whatever country all over the world. Don’t take it personal, kid! In my book, America’s just as good as anywhere else, and in some respects it’s even better. I grew up in comfortable western post-war affluence, conditioned with this image of the USA as a benevolent giant, the saviour of the downtrodden; emancipated and enlightened, well-meaning and kind to the dispossessed, the impoverished and the victims of oppression, a US that established and supported the UN to establish peace, freedom and democracy by peaceful means all over the world. In the last 8 years that happy image that we all treasured, which gave us hope and happiness has been shattered. The curtain’s been ripped aside and the world enabled to see the naked truth of US actions in the world – and internally – unashamedly exposed. The economic meltdown that American greed and dishonesty has created is additional evidence, if needed. We love Obama, a ray of hope, all my American and other friends hope and pray that he, and if not him then someone else, will do the necessary to reinstate that idyllic America that we an image of as we grew up, that now lies broken. This is the America we all love and we all want to see rise up again “from the ashes of the Bushes”. I hope this goes some way to clearing up your distorted impression of my “anti-Americanism”. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to voice my views on this site and I feel like a very happy guy with wonderful circle of friends both locally and all over the world. My life’s a gas and I love the opportunity to put my contribution in the mix. Thank you one and all for your contributions. I welcome all challenges: with discussion of challenges comes the chance to exchange views, learn and make progress in the world. And if anyone comes up with good arguments or experiences or points that I can’t refute, I promise to concede and they’ll win. I’ve no personal axe to grind but enjoy communicating and sharing views about such vital things that affect our whole world and what it will become of it for our children. I’ve two sons aged 19 and 20 and I’m proud of how they’re developing and their attitudes. I learn more from them every day. So Daniel let’s say it, loud and clear: “Long live America” – the version we love, that is – and down with hate-mongers, warmongers, trouble-makers, the arrogant, the intolerant, the greedy and the oppressors who go out of their way to invade, destroy and kill – whether they’re Americans, Afghans or from Timbuctoo. Agree?
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