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ANSF, CF Air Assault Operation Leads to Large Cache Find, Enemy Tunnel System Destroyed



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ANSF, CF Air Assault Operation Leads to Large Cache Find, Enemy Tunnel System Destroyed

ZHARAY DISTRICT, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces partnered with coalition forces  and conducted a two-day air assault operation Sept. 8-9, to disrupt insurgent networks in the area, while seizing a large cache of homemade explosive material and improvised explosive device components, destroying an enemy tunnel network, and detaining two insurgents.

Upon reaching the objective near the villages of Salim Aka and Mongeh Kalacha, in southern Zharay district, Soldiers conducted a thorough search of several compounds, and discovered approximately 250 pounds of HME material, eight Russian-made hand grenades, two 82mm mortar rounds, blasting caps and detonation cord, handguns, and other explosive device components. Two suspected insurgents at the scene were detained for further questioning by coalition forces.

The Afghan and coalition forces also found an underground bunker that was well-hidden in a pomegranate field, and believed to be a bed-down location for insurgents or a storage area for weapons. The bunker and its connecting tunnel to a compound were both destroyed by explosives.

On the rapid operation, approximately 40 Soldiers from the 3rd Kandak, 3rd Brigade, 205th Afghan National Army Corps, partnered with 160 Soldiers from Combined Task Force Spartan’s 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment.

The commander of 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, Lt. Col. Greg Anderson, said the two-day mission left lasting effects with insurgent cells operating in the area.

“We were able to detain insurgents operating in the Pashmul Seam and destroy a HME lab,” Anderson said. “As a result, insurgent operations in the Pashmul Seam are severely degraded, and with the fighting season coming to an end, the insurgents will not be able to recover fast enough to have lasting effects.”

An air assault operation is a swift military insertion by helicopter, which denies the insurgents freedom of movement throughout Zharay and Maiwand districts of Kandahar province, while also finding and detaining their leaders and destroying supplies.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    John - Capt in ANG · 10 years ago
    This is a pretty complete listing of what they found, compared to what I was reading.

    Can you comment on "Iranian flex wire"? I'm no EOD expert but it's something that's peaked my curiosity.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Chuck Dodds · 10 years ago
    I am a first time reader and am very impressed with your photography submission of the Afgan children. God Bless! I will support!

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