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Write a comment in Patrick Buisson's last book :"les années érotiques 1940 1945", not honorific for us, neither for the Brits : "as the weeks went on, the autochtone male element happened to show off more "reserved". The time will not be very long over till the Brit soldiers will be reproached not to be numerous enough, and not placed where they should, though where they are, they are overwhelming. Despite its efforts, the Information Office has more and more hard time to hide the brit "wimped" participation to the strategic organisation.In February 1940 only 10 divisions stay on the french soil, instead of the 25 promissed at the end of 1939 october. Then again these divisions camped far from the german border, in the north, Normandy, and the Atlantic coast. The joke among the troops at the Maginot line was "Did you see the Englishman ?", afterword translated by the german propaganda : "the Brits offer their "machines", the Frenchs their chests" or in the french paper "Paris-soir" " the Brits will fight till the last French"... ... There is more pernicious, the "passe-droit" (pass-right) and the privileges that the expeditionnary Brit corps take for granted, that irritated the Frenchs, that was echoed in all the population strates. On the belgian border the brit commendement allows habitation tickets to its troops without even refering to the local mayors. In Wanquetin, near Arras, the "tommies" live in individual houses, while the french soldiers must sleep in barns cob. Fighting are regular in the cities where both troops have to stay : in Lille, the Mecca for the Brits that are off, where the latters invade dancings, make beer abuses, tighten too narrow the local girls, all that ends in boxing parties with the "continental gitanos"... Anglophoby starts to overwhelme Anglophily. The Frenchs can't stand anymore the insolent contempting and overwhelming Brits, enough is enough with saccage, roberies, brigandage... "
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