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Write a comment Oh yeah, A Nony Mouse, you refer to my "insulting comments" but say nothing about Mr Baloney's poisonous, pure and unadulterated invective and personal abuse, which he has honed to a remarkable degree of offensive rudity without actually giving any back up to support his critique. How very balanced of you! Does that make him polite then, pray? I think not, neither does it reflect well on your own objectivity. I am confused and ashamed of your claim to be a Brit, denizen of Colorado notwithstanding. Go down, sir. Oh and about my filming for Aussie TV. I was taking time off from my job in London, as a volunteer, to help the Mujaheddin out. The actual journo, who was a stringer himself and a good mate got run over by a tank. Haqqani buried him with full martyrs honours in the Shahid’s graveyard in Urgun. So as a nerdy retired accountant I still take you label of being a journo as a compliment. I greatly admire the professionality of the journalists, especially those who do their research well and report intelligently. They are great people and its a pity that som many of them are gunned down by those who wish to obscure the truth. Except for the tame "embedded" variety who spout the party line of course. Dream on. Your support of so-called Iraqi democracy and Afghan democracy belies the facts which are obvious to all. If it were as you say, then what need for maintaining such huge armies of occupation? If you think the Sunnis etcetera have been conquered, wait and see what happens when the dollars stop being thrown at everyone. You are kidding nobody except yourself, kid.
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