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Andrew MacGregor Marshall, Former Journalist.


05 May 2014

image011Andrew Marshall.

Over the years an unwelcome retinue of stalkers appeared at my heels.  Only a few stand out.  Just why I suffer from stalkers is a mystery: I am no Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber.

My latest stalker is Mr. Andrew MacGregor Marshall.  This former Reuters bureau chief is infamous in Thailand for maligning the Thai Royal Family, his combative and insulting misconduct on social media, and his infatuation with prostitution.

Writing such a dispatch as this is a displeasurable experience.  It feels like dirty work.  Something that causes one to wash hands and the keyboard after it is finished.  The subject is what it is.

This is not to imply that any of the women depicted in the following photographs with Marshall are prostitutes.  These are merely party images.  Marshall posts photographs of real prostitutes on his Facebook page.  Examples are included later in the dispatch.






Marshall has shared more than 5,000 personal images on Facebook. When Marshall is not partying his way through Asia, he insults total strangers.

A typical Marshall Facebook post:


Some say that Marshall was not always unhinged.  Friends of mine previously read his work and complimented him, but they soon stopped.

As a war correspondent, Marshall was a failure.  Not one piece of writing, not one photograph, not one video, survived the test of posterity.  Marshall and I were covering the same war at the same time, and I did not know that he existed.  I did read the work of other war correspondents. Despite my long periods in Iraq, I never noticed Marshall.

Marshall's greatest claim to fame is excavating the WikiLeaks cables courtesy of former US soldier Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, who received a 35 year prison sentence for his efforts.

After Marshall departed Baghdad, he dug into the stolen diplomatic cables pertaining to Thailand and he staked a claim as if he had discovered a new natural law.   The WikiLeaks cables are available to anyone via a simple web search. Marshall contends that his interpretations and analyses of US State Department cables revolutionize the study of Thai society and politics.

Marshall does not tolerate those who disagree with his interpretations.  He is infamous for combative conduct on social media.


Marshall has no evidence that the handicapped subject was a terrorist.  This is a case of defamation atop mockery.

It is best to ignore stalkers, but given their prominence, a few must be addressed.  In this case, Andrew MacGregor Marshall is an internationally known former news correspondent who published false and defamatory comments about my work and person at least a hundred times.  If the publisher of Marshall's forthcoming book incorporates such commentary, a lawsuit could ensue.  Fair warning.

In addition to being a former Reuters bureau chief, Marshall occasionally publishes on a freelance basis on CNN and Foreign Affairs. He is quoted in articles published on the BBC from time to time.

Stalkers are normally just individuals, but stalkers in the age of the Internet can be organized cheerleaders who orchestrate followers.  For the purposes of this dispatch, a stalker is an individual or a group that doggedly pursues another, repetitively demanding acknowledgement, often stooping to character assassination.

Typical of Marshall’s followers, the poster below endorses violence against me because I am guilty of "smeering Yingluck and the reds in the cheapest ways possible." The bizarre thing is that Marshall and his followers claim that I malign the Reds when I observe that they use violence, when the Reds themselves often threaten violence, then extol the bloodshed in true Hezbollah style.  For an independent writer to observe that the Reds employ violence when they wage politics is no smear. The fact is, the Reds murder people.


Marshall started off politely.  He did not receive the reciprocal attention from me that he demanded.  I read a bit of his work on Thailand and I found it dull, but I never said this publicly, or privately.  I forgot his name until he began throwing temper tantrums in my direction, month after month, beginning in December 2013.

Marshall’s messages to me became abusive, to the point where I blocked him on Facebook.  This is a rare step for me.  It was a shame to see a former Reuters bureau chief conduct himself this way.

Marshall then whipped up a storm of like-minded, equally profane readers on his Facebook page and Twitter.   Marshall and his fan club support terrorism.  We have no common ground.

When he is not partying or insulting strangers, Marshall loves to talk about prostitutes, usually under the guise of journalism. Marshall will seize any pretext to publish images of bar girls.


Of course Marshall rationalizes his frequent use of bar girl imagery.  My words are not intended to disparage bar girls, but to illustrate Marshall's behavior.  Mentioning bar girls and Marshall in the same sentence is not fair to bar girls.

Marshall’s readers are different than most who come to my pages.  Many of Marshall’s readers who reside in Thailand waste an inordinate amount of time talking about prostitutes and seedy topics.  In short, many appear to fit the profile of what are called “sexpats” here, and they are very different from the expatriates and the Thai patriots on my pages.

Prostitutes are never far from the minds of Marshall or members of his fan club.  Many of them cannot write two sentences without scratching readers’ eyes with obscenities.

To wit:


There is another Reuters journalist by the name of Andrew R. C. Marshall.  Andrew R. C. Marshall recently shared a Pulitzer for work co-produced in Thailand.  Both Andrew Marshalls worked for Reuters in Thailand.  The Pulitzer Prize-winning Marshall is a different man.  The former journalist Marshall who obsesses about bar girls is Scottish. Needless to say, this leads to confusion.

When Marshall first tried to communicate with me, I was busy in Turkey studying the Syrian war.  Marshall wanted my endorsement for his forthcoming book, and he forwarded an excerpt.  He did not directly ask for my endorsement but that was clearly his intent. I believe that he wanted a comment to include on his book jacket.

Marshall was a wage earner at Reuters for 17 years, including a stint in Baghdad, so he may have felt that professional etiquette required that I cease research on Syria, and pay full attention to his writing about Thailand, which he apparently did while residing in Singapore and Cambodia.

There are a thousand books that I would like to read by authors who have “been there and done that." There was no time to labor through a disjointed manuscript about Thailand from a vulgar expatriate who had not stepped foot in the Kingdom in years.  I read a few pages and he lost me.  Aside from his barroom research, most of Marshall's work is secondhand.  There was no chance that I would endorse his book.

Individuals and organizations who have acknowledged or endorsed my work range from The New York Times, The Boston Herald, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, BBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, Bruce Willis, Gary Sinise, Joe Galloway, Tom Ricks, Michael Barone, General David Petraeus, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, numerous scientific papers, the Smithsonian's Air & Space,  many books, and a thousand others in dozens of countries and languages.

This is not to boast. My interest is in serious people doing serious work, not in a malicious former journalist who insults the handicapped and who cannot keep his mind and tongue off of dance poles.  Through the wonders of social media, checking with people who know him leads to persistent allegations of drug use including methamphetamines and mushrooms.

Marshall published pictures of himself getting a tattoo.  Former friends say he claimed to be on a quest for spirituality.  He named himself “Zenjournalist.”


Marshall often attacks total strangers. Perhaps he does it for the accolades of taking on someone with a higher profile. Perhaps Marshall is a bully who enjoys picking on others who cannot fight back. Perhaps the bitterness of his divorce from Reuters and his exile in Cambodia are too much to bear.  After Marshall lost his Reuters badge, doors did not open like they opened before.  After all, the doors did not open for a party animal expat.  They opened for Reuters.  When Marshall lost his job, he lost access.

Marshall's total Facebook and Twitter followers number about 32,000. Considering his antics, that is a respectable following, though actual interaction is trivial.  My total is about 210,000 with brisk interaction.  Some posts reach over a million people.  Clearly Marshall is angered that an independent writer with no affiliations can reach a vaster audience than a former journalist who was a bureau chief for a global media monster.

image027A journalist who expired.

The limited reach of his social media readership is due to his own, self-absorbed posts.  Marshall the party animal continues to slosh around, posting selfies as if he is in high school:




Marshall does not grasp that one reason he cannot build a serious readership or a larger audience could be due to his immaturity. Marshall is more than forty years-old.  Without his Reuters badge, what is Marshall?  He is no journalist. He is not an author. He is not an academic. Was the fission between Reuters and Marshall so explosive that the fallout leaves him radioactive and unemployable?  What caused his personality change?

Now that Marshall is unemployed, attacking high profile subjects like the King of Thailand might seem a wise strategy.  Such malfeasance has real world consequences.

image037Marshall is contemptuous and disrespectful of Thai culture.

When the mysterious or the unexplained happens in Thailand, such as the murder of a high profile activist, it is often said to be the work of an “invisible hand."  On many occasions during nocturnal attacks on peaceful protestors this year in Bangkok, Whistleblower guards fought back against unseen perpetrators.  Victims died.

This tweet is indicative of the way that Marshall's mind works.  He does not pass up the opportunity to mock a handicapped man:


This stunned many readers:


A member of Marshall's fan club defended by doubling down:


We expect a Reuters journalist to be like this:


Not like this:


Marshall cannot seem to help himself.  He often derides victims for physical handicaps, or for obesity, or because they do not meet his standard for personal beauty.


image051In this 2011 video, at the 5'20" mark, Marshall describes how nobody should have to endure gratuitous insults.


Marshall the former journalist demanded that I debate him.  It is noteworthy that he did not ask privately, which would have been the professional approach.  Instead, Marshall attempted to create a public spectacle. This is a pattern for Marshall.


When Marshall’s work in Thailand became too whacky, Reuters washed their hands of him.  Marshall countered, claiming that he resigned as a matter of conscience.  A former friend said he would crash parties, often in a cold sweat, shaking, bewildered.  Friends began to abandon him due to his verbal abuse.

Marshall is not setting himself up for future success. Marshall has little expertise of commercial value, and Marshall has badmouthed virtually everybody in Thailand, with an inclusive vitriol spanning all hues of the political spectrum. Marshall has no network, no serious sources. Clearly Marshall is self-destructive, but nothing underscores this more than Marshall's true claim to fame: When Marshall is not obsessing over bar girls, insulting the unattractive and mocking the handicapped, Marshall insults the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Thailand.

It is not just boorish to disparage the Thai Royal Family here, it is illegal, and it profoundly upsets good Thai people.  Those who do not reside in the Kingdom, or who have not spent considerable time here, cannot understand the fervency of the personality cult of His Majesty the King.

The personality cult of the King of Thailand is pervasive, and it is as potent as a system of religious belief, though it is important to note that the Thai do not worship their King as a deity. They know that he is a man, and the Thai are familiar with many gods. But foreigners often misinterpret the love that the Thai feel for their King, and the nearest phenomenon that they can compare it to, is a profound religious belief.

Marshall's criticisms of the Thai Royal Family are personal, speculative, abusive, and dismissive, and they are light years beyond sober observations.  Marshall does not seek to inform but to incite.

Some Muslims are provoked to furious anger over any slight directed at the Prophet Mohammed, or any disrespect for Allah.  Fatal riots are not uncommon. This is the closest comparison that I can draw, though the personality cult of the King is not as volatile.  Muslims and Christians in Thailand deeply revere the King, in part because of his support for religious freedoms. Mocking His Majesty the King will not incur a death sentence, but fines and incarceration are common.  For foreigners who disparage the Thai Royalty, banishment, expulsion and blacklisting typically follow a stretch in prison.

For the Thai people, His Majesty the King is more than a beloved Grandfather.  The Thai people deeply love him and he has been a very good king for Thailand. Marshall's insults are supremely disrespectful, incredibly inconsiderate, and deeply wounding. What Marshall does on a small scale on social media, abusing and insulting strangers, he also does on a vaster scale, insulting and antagonizing an entire culture, belittling the Thai Royalty, and the Thai people.

But what better way to explain getting booted from Reuters, where Marshall worked for 17 years and was a bureau chief?  Marshall could simply write words that he knew his bosses would never publish, statements that are illegal in Thailand, allegations that would get him, and Reuters, banned and blacklisted, and he could claim that he resigned as a matter of conscience.

Thai laws on lèse majesté may seem draconian by Western standards, but foreigners who wish to remain in the kingdom comply with them.  By way of comparison, in America most political commentary is protected by the First Amendment. Americans can say almost anything that is not false and defamatory, with the exception of threatening the life of the president.

Americans can castigate our president for his policies or his behavior, and no one will pay much attention. But if someone threatens the life of the president, he can expect a visit from the Secret Service.  Prosecution is common. So we can say that America enjoys freedom of speech, up to a point.

In the US, lawsuits over defamation are common. Some litigants lose everything that they own, including future earnings. In Thailand, the Royal Family cannot sue its own subjects, so laws prohibiting lèse majesté are the remedy.

Under Thai laws of lèse majesté, criticism of the King and the Royal Family is off-limits. It is important to note that only the monarchy is so protected. While it may be rude to call the Prime Minister of Thailand a hooker, it is not prevented. This actually happens every day, even though it is defamatory and untrue.  There are typically no consequences.  Like America, Thailand enjoys much freedom of speech.  Up to a point.

These laws on lèse majesté are, moreover, a matter for the Thai people to address in their own time.  Simple respect dictates that foreigners avoid commenting on them.  All countries and cultures have taboos which should not be violated. It goes without saying that Marshall should not abuse such laws to whitewash his manipulations.

Note that Marshall set up his dispute with Reuters in the most public way possible.  In a standard Marshall maneuver, he tried to pit Reuters against the Kingdom, transgressing the laws against lèse majesté as a publicity stunt to garner attention for his book.

image055Typical Marshall post.

Marshall’s book is allegedly scheduled for release in October.   He knows that his odds of success are small.  He knows that audiences rarely read his work, they read the work of Reuters, or the work of a “former Reuters bureau chief.”   Marshall does not have a standalone name that will translate into book sales.  His writing skills are generic.  So generic that nobody can recall a single piece that Marshall wrote during his time in Baghdad.

There is no mass audience for speculations about the succession in Thailand, a subject about which Marshall is obsessed.  While it is an important subject for the Thai, and there is an academic niche market addressing what may happen in Thailand in the future, Marshall lacks credentials and credibility as an academic.

Marshall’s banishment from the Kingdom of Thailand was his own manufactured stunt to cover his downfall from Reuters.  If his actions were not a stunt, and he did not intend to damage the reputation of Reuters for his own personal gain, Marshall could have quietly resigned, departed the Kingdom, and gone on his way.  But true to form, Marshall fomented yet another spectacle.

image057Marshall's stalker-club photoshopped my missing cat King Kong, and me, into a photo from a conference. Marshall wanted me to come to the Thai conference in Australia to debate him.

Marshall needs to get a hold of himself.  I will not debate a poor writer who was manipulative with Reuters and who habitually insults and mocks the handicapped.

Marshall mocked the health of the 86 year-old King of Thailand.

The King has been a blessing to this country.  Mocking him for ill health is sickening.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Patrick Gatdula · 6 years ago
    Come on Michael... majority of your article is obviously not backed by facts. You're again assuming and picking specific instances to back you up removing the context of the photo or what was written. I think what you have done is more damaging to your credibility as an honest writer. Seriously, buddy, you need to learn real journalism so you'd stop writing sensationalist articles. Only an idiot would believe the information you wrote. It's entertaining, that's for sure. But believable... no more than tabloid writing. Best of luck to you.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ko · 6 years ago
      Sawadee this is thai born and have been in thailand not only reader ..working of Mr Michel yon we e ducated ppl called quaulity research..not idiot ..hope u understand ..but not sure u will? We thai ppl pround to have Yon in our land this time because his working not look only one side he look around even our thai spiritual ..he is the real one..thanks to read
      • This commment is unpublished.
        123 · 6 years ago
        I don't even want to correct your English. Have a nice day.

        -Another "thai born"
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Alphadork · 6 years ago
          Someone who doesn't speak English well at least makes an effort to communicate in your language and that is how you respond? That's shameful.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            ko · 6 years ago
            i hope that ppl from civilized contry/ educated ppl (they call by themself) might not decision making about humanity of another from using langauge ..right?
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Kathy S · 6 years ago
          Saying something disparaging about someone who is trying to simply defend Michael by criticizing him for having the education and courage to make a controversial post in a language not his own. Especially a language which does not have the same linguistic roots is wonderfully humorous irony of the kind I could never come up with. How many English speaking people could hope to come near that in the Thai language using the Thai alphabet?

          Thank you for the grins!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Douglas White · 6 years ago
    You say he is stalking you - But YOU are the one who is going through all of his Facebook pictures??? Sloppy journalism that stinks of jealousy!!!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    อัคนิวาต เดอะ พายุ · 6 years ago
    If AMM, abusively used the influence of mass media, could attacked anyone including you, as he's pleased, on a groundless fact basing on his prejudice belief and lacking of research, just to serve his own ego and didn't care the truth, he is deserved to be hated and condemned. Nothing is from nothing; That's Karma.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    David Michael · 6 years ago
    Dear Michael,
    When I get a mosquito bite it itches like hell, but the more I pay attention to it the more it itches. Although it requires a bit of discipline, I have learned to ignore the itch and eventually it goes away. I hope the analogy is not lost on an intelligent gentleman such as yourself.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Harlan Wolff · 6 years ago
    Well done Michael, it needed to be said. I am pleased to say I was blocked by him out of his fear readers (disciples) might see what I thought of him. He is a despicable man and I concur that he has no respect for Thailand or its culture.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robert Whittier · 6 years ago
    Using AMM's own postings, you have succeeded in hoisting him on his own petard. Good journalism.

    One minor quibble: Scottish is not British? That may end up being true after their independence referendum in September, but it is at least premature to imply that such is the case today.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Austen Lennon · 6 years ago
      It is very much British and many fine Scottish Soldiers have fought and died to remain British. Did you misspeak?
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Capers · 6 years ago
        This is just silly. Regardless of the result of the forthcoming referendum, Scotland is, as it has always been, a part of the island of Britain. This is a simple matter of geography and has nothing to do with national or political divisions.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    James M · 6 years ago
    He's also a drug abuser. At his parties in Bangkok he regularly smoked and provided methamphetamines for guests, passing the pipe around to friends and the bargirls he invited for the night. He's bragged about his drug use on the blogs of other journalists. He abuses drugs. He abuses women. He abuses the handicapped. What a guy. A real Red hero.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tommy Barrios · 6 years ago
    This narcissistic jackanapes reminds of that whacko who shoots mice with an AR-15 and acts like a big ZERO! Uh, What his Name, See Forgot Already :zzz

    One observation I do have is that this whacko is some kinda pervert, hanging out with young girls that look barely pubescent, the rest are nothing more than Red Light trash prostitutes that wouldn't be allowed in any decent comfort house

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Thomas · 6 years ago
      These ladies are not prostitutes but reporters, journalists, colleagues, and friends of Andrew. None of them is a teenager. You seem to judge people rather quickly: every beautiful lady is apparently a prostitute.

      You can verify my statement by visiting Andrew's facebook where he has tagged the persons in his pictures. This way you can go to the FB page of the actual ladies who you call prostitutes to find out that they are not only adults but also hold respectable jobs.

      Please stop judging people based on a badly researched article and falling into every trap that Yon has set for you (insinuating that Andrew sleeps around, sleeps with prostitutes, and only parties).
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Austen Lennon · 6 years ago
    We need to know who our 'experts' are. Keep up the good work of exposing them.... try to ignore the comments which try to use the old trick of 'this is beneath you' or 'You are better than this' - that is just a tired old way to try to defend the indefensible.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    MarkR · 6 years ago


    Take a step back.

    You are walking into his world and giving him the oxygen of legitimacy.

    As ex - mil you should know which battles to fight. This isn't one of them. Most of the people that follow your blog are "Reasonable" and can make up our minds.

    Concentrate on what you do best, and stop scratching this flea bite. Eventually it will go away.

    The mark of a man is knowing when to walk away
  • This commment is unpublished.
    German R. · 6 years ago
    Michael, thank you for going through AMM FB and compiling a best of of pretty pictures. Yiou saved me a lot of time and brought enjoyment to my life. No comments on your text because I was utterly distracted.
    Keep up the good work and TMZ can close down soon.


  • This commment is unpublished.
    Seymour Balunot · 6 years ago
    Andrew Marshall has posted an infinitude of horrific commentary about the Thai Royal Family on his personal Facebook page.

    He routinely mocks the appearance, the health, and the conduct of members of the Thai Royal Family, and he publishes negative aspersions about them that transgress sensible limits and are intended to shock the conscience.

    The statements of Marshall are far beyond customary political commentary. To say that they verge on advocacy is an understatement. For Marshall, words and ideas are weapons, and he assaults the Thai Royals in ways that unforgivably offends most Thai people.

    Anyone who searches Marshall's Facebook posts will quickly understand that Marshall is a mortal enemy of the Thai Royalty, and he holds Thailand and the people of Thailand in contempt.

    Mike Yon has done the world a service, exposing Andrew Marshall. After this article, no publisher, no media outlet, can ever again publish the work of Andrew Marshall and claim that they did not know precisely who he is.

    Marshall is no opinion maker. His commentaries are forever undermined by his rude, inconsiderate mockery of the defenseless and the powerful.

    It has to be wondered: where can a malign personality like Marshall possibly go after this?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tim · 6 years ago
    At least one of those pretty "ladies" has a rather prominent adam's apple.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Firmtotalk · 6 years ago
    The Pulitzer Prize-winning Marshall is British. The former journalist Marshall who obsesses about bar girls is Scottish. Needless to say, this leads to confusion.

    - yeah about your intelligence, don't you know the difference? Scots are Brits you ignorant sod.

    England and Britain are not the same thing.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Michael Yon writer · 6 years ago
      Speaking of Ignorant Sods, Firmtotalk, you might have imagined someone mentioning England. England was not mentioned in the piece. You might also have missed that Scotland is on the verge of succession.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Alphadork · 6 years ago
    Some of this is apt and informative - but a lot of it just seems petty and trite. I think those aspects of this piece are beneath you, Michael. Either the guy is utterly irrelevant (in which case, there's no "feud" and no reason to give him any attention) or else he matters, if to nobody else, to you. You make him matter, when you give him this much attention. As big an ass and an embarrassment as he is, I continue to think that the best response to him and his ilk is to ignore them.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Michael Yon writer · 6 years ago
      I disagree in total. Firstly, there is no feud. People like Marshall have often tried to make something like this look like a feud because it builds their stature as someone worth feuding with. People who have followed my work for years have often early on thought I was mindlessly feuding with someone, only later to realize that it was real. Such as with Brigadier General Daniel Menard. My work led to his reduction in rank to colonel. He was kicked out of the Army, and later imprisoned in Afghanistan for "gun running." (Recently released.) Only with retrospect does everyone realize that I was telling the truth, though many tried to frame it as a feud at the time.

      Most importantly, influencers such as CNN and BBC still use Marshall as an expert on current events, when he has not even stepped foot in Thailand for years, and even when he was here, his experience base was small. He makes himself out to be some sort of war correspondent, yet nobody seems to remember any of his work from the wars. Where is it? The credibility of "experts" is important to test. When they throw a diploma or certificate of authenticity on the table, it is important to actually see if this is just a sham. The biggest shams often are built one a base of truth. For instance, Marshall actually was in Iraq, but where is his body of work? My work and that of other serious war correspondents is easy to find with a simple web search. Whatever he may have produced is not remembered. We already know that Marshall is a fraud. The question is how deep the fraud goes.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Nuad Namman · 6 years ago
    Thank you Michael for this wonderful information. Now what AMM said will be meaningless to most people, due to the evidences that reflect upon his attitude and behaviour.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    HM · 6 years ago
    As one of the ladies in the pictures, I can say that I was in attendance to a social gathering that Andrew hosted. I am neither a hooker nor a barroom girl or transgender even, so I find this post to be utterly despicable . I knew nothing of this Michael Lyon before this and I find involving innocent people in your smear campaign so low , completely beneath professional journalism. Say what you will of Andrew but leave the rest of us out of it!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Michael Yon writer · 6 years ago
      You must have missed these three sentences:

      "To be clear, this is not to imply that any of these many women are prostitutes. We will get to those later. From Marshall’s own Facebook:"

      You also misspelled my name. It is not Lyon.

      I have never spent a day as a journalist. Please do some homework.

      Marshall advertises himself as an academic of high repute, when he posts pictures of himself (and apparently you), that makes him look like a party animal with poor judgement. Even teenagers should realize that constant pictures of their parties set to public domain are what causes people jobs and reputations. You might consider to stop partying with friends who will plaster your face all over their Facebook, and then make public spectacles of themselves expecting that nobody will look.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hmmm · 6 years ago
    I don't know if you are able to access AMM's Facebook profile but I've come across this post and found it to be interesting that AMM's lets his 'friends' do the dirty work and personally attack a girl who's just pointing out the obvious.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Matt · 6 years ago
    Good exposure of Andrew McGregor Marshall. I was in the Reuters office in London during this period. He was infamous and disliked even then. His work is not entirely original and Reuters challenged him to quote sources. He was not able to do so. He has had a grudge against Reuters, Thailand, and the rest of the world ever since (with the exception of his New Mandala fan club) Whether he is unhinged or not I am of an open mind. He is devious and manipulative. There is evidence that he is closer to New Mandala than they admit. He stalks me too and I have blocked him.
  • This commment is unpublished.
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