America and/or Afghanistan

Write a comment Michael, when one political party uses the fight for our freedom and security for political positioning, then as far as I am concerned, that party has given up it's right to represent what America was founded upon. It's not that both parties are coming at the same problems from different angles...The fact is that one party is solidly trying to move the country away from it's founding principles and towards a different ideology...One that you witness our finest young men and women fight and die to defeat every day. Most Americans love and give freely. God blesses us and we do our best to bless others. But many Americans hate and are angry, and want to control and dictate to others. We used to ignore people like that and do our best in spite of them...But as that group has grown and gained so much power and control, it has become essential that those who love and give freely must fight and defend the "American way of life", here at home! And a fight it truly is! I have often complained that one mistake America has made in her glorious history is that we have not done enough to export "our Revolution" work to convert the world to our wonderful system and way of life, to the benefits and the blessings of being an "American"! Now, we are paying for that oversight here at home, because it has not been programmed into our culture, our thoughts, nor into our children's hearts. In your book, "Moment of Truth in Iraq" at the bottom of page 89, you state that one of al Qaeda's strategies was to "humiliate and exhaust America" by provoking a civil war in Iraq, and that it was a "tempting strategy". Well Michael, to me and my beliefs, this is Satan's strategy against freedom and America. It is a strategy of control and dominance, a strategy of fear and terror. It is what America's enemies will be increasingly doing to undermine our Government, our Constitution and our way of life. The scenario goes like this...Those who stand for freedom and the Constitution end up in a bitter battle against those who stand for control and dominance...All the while America's external enemies feed the struggle, exhausting and preoccupying Americans until they feel the time is right move against America in a bold and decisive manner, toppling our Government, subjecting and enslaving Americans in our own land. Again, on page 89 you state, that for al Qaeda, the war in Iraq is just "one front in their battle to humiliate and exhaust America", and you could not have been more right! It is also just "one front" on Satan's war on America and if we don't fight back now, if we allow the wrong side to take complete control of our country, then we are lost and it will take generations of suffering and turmoil to recover from the oppression and destruction. Just look at the Soviet countries, China, Afghanistan, Iraq. Since when do all of these countries of the world not deserve the freedoms and prosperity that America has enjoyed? We should have done more to export our Revolution to the world. We could have done more. And we are paying for our complacency.
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