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Write a comment From the bottom of my heart, thank you Michael for everything you have done to get the truth to us. I am not surprised by this amazing account of what the 4-6 ACR is doing in Mosul to win this war. I have never been prouder to live close to Fort Lewis than these last five years as I have followed our deployed soldiers and read the accounts of their heroics. Most of these accounts have come from you. Thank you for telling their story. I know too many who have fought to stabilize Ninevah province. I realize that winning Mosul once and for all will go a long way towards peace and stability in Iraq, but winning there is also important to me on a personal level. Please let the members of the 4-6 know that there is at least one Washingtonian (and I am sure a lot more) who is reading their story, praying for their safety, and look forward to their return. The book order is coming within this week. Kathy, You wrote, "Have you read "Because They Hate" by Brigitte Gabriel? She writes about the Muslim faith not being the peace-loving faith so many non-Muslims describe it as being and warns that we will find outselves fighting them here as the Lebanese Christians did (she is a Lebanese Christian who lived through the civil war there)." If you haven't already, you might want to pick up "Now the Call me Infidel, by Nonie Darwish" She really helped me pull together all of my previously confused thoughts about what is going on. It really helped me to understand why all this evil is occurring in Iraq. While the idea of pulling out of Iraq sounds very appealing at times, Nonie Darwish confirmed to me that we need to stay there until the job is done.
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