Michael's Dispatches

Air Force Crashing


25 January 2013

Team AFMC,

The budgetary uncertainties currently facing the Department of Defense combined with a projected $1.8 billion shortfall in Air Force funding for overseas contingency operations, require us to take prudent steps to mitigate budget execution risks.

Based on guidance received last week from Headquarters Air Force, my intent is for Air Force Materiel Command to take immediate actions to reduce spending across all appropriations, Working Capital Funds and other reimbursable programs within AFMC's governance authority.  In line with the Air Force direction, our actions will -- to the maximum extent possible -- be reversible or recoverable and minimize impacts to core readiness programs.

These actions are necessary in order to support our DOD and our nation. However, we still have a requirement to continue the critical missions that we execute on behalf of the Air Force.  Therefore, mission critical exceptions to these actions can be approved with discretion.

Some of the key near-term actions AFMC will take to handle the uncertain budget environment ahead are outlined below.  The command will:

  • Implement a temporary civilian hiring freeze for permanent, temporary, and term vacancies with exceptions for mission-critical activities and release current temporary and term employees with exceptions for mission-critical activities; there are no current near-term plans to furlough civilians
  • Review overseas contingency operations requirements and identify potential reductions which will not impair wartime operations, such as delaying asset reconstitution and incrementally funding OCO contracts
  • Cancel all temporary duty travel that is not mission critical, such as attendance at or hosting of conferences and symposia, staff assistance visits, and training seminars

o   Within the scope of mission-critical travel, the command will evaluate whether alternative means can be used to complete the mission (such as video teleconference, email, etc.) and will scrub requirements to reduce the number of personnel traveling, vehicles, and lodging expenses

o   If a TDY is considered mission critical, the AFMC Vice Commander or Center Commander is the final approval authority

o   Inspections such as Nuclear Surety Inspections, Nuclear Surety Staff Assistance Visits, Special Security Office management, and Inspector General intelligence deficiency inspections are mission critical and will continue

o   Mission-critical training must meet at least one of the following criteria:

-       Required by federal or state law, regulation, Executive Order, or DOD Directive

-       Meets occupational certification and/or licensing requirements as a condition of continued employment

-       Maintains critical functional or occupational competencies identified by career field managers and/or Air Force policy and instructions

  • Curtail flying not directly related to readiness, such as air shows, flyovers, and familiarization rides
  • Curtail or cancel ongoing and scheduled studies that are not Congressionally-directed or mission critical
  • Limit supply purchases to essential fiscal 2013 consumption and stop minor purchases that are not mission critical, such as furniture, information technology refresh, and unit equipment
  • Defer non-emergency Facility Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization projects
  • Where practical, de-obligate or incrementally fund severable service contracts that cross the fiscal year only to Oct. 31, 2013, and defer the remainder of the contract

We don't expect these near-term reductions to solve the entire fiscal challenge facing us in the event sequestration is triggered or we receive significant topline reductions.  These near-term actions are only small steps towards absorbing the impact.  Planning is underway for the possibility of larger reductions, and further guidance will be disseminated if that occurs.

Thank you for all you do for AFMC, our Air Force, and our nation.  For this effort, as in all others, I am depending on you to stay focused on your role in executing the mission of our Command as we navigate through these uncertain times.

General Wolfenbarger

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Scarface · 8 years ago
    This is all a very well orchestrated tactic designed to erase all old memories of past glories and replace them with the required " New World Order" memories.
    Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste....Rahm Emanuel!Valerie Jarret and the rest of the rogue regime rump swabs sense that we are at the tipping point!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      RogerDane · 8 years ago
      [quote name="Scarface"]This is all a very well orchestrated tactic designed to erase all old memories of past glories and replace them with the required " New World Order" memories.
      Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste....Rahm Emanuel!Valerie Jarret and the rest of the rogue regime rump swabs sense that we are at the tipping point![/quote]
      YOU are so correct. What no "other" nation has ever been able to do, topple America, is being done now from 1600 Pennsylvania.
      Every patriot should read "Desperate Sons" and note the sacrifices. We will either let our Constitutional Republic go down or we will take action... they are neutering are military and that last Bastion of patriotic warriors are being crippled. Sad.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Rickv3 · 8 years ago
    This seems to be in line with what came down from the Army chief of staff the other day. While I agree we should be looking at expenditures and cut non-essential spending, I wonder why we never see communications like this in other departments of the federal government.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Realist · 8 years ago
      We definitely see these sorts of comms, but like any large organization, the bell curve is at work. The fact is that anyone who works in the any part of the military industrial complex sees plenty of waste.

      The opportunity here is to grade large programs realistically for efficiency and effectiveness. There are many programs where the defense contractor is producing well and the DoD customer is happy. at the same time, there are many where the DoD is unsatisfied and the contractor is bleeding red. DoD should start pulling the plug on the latter, as these will yield far more savings.

      For anyone crying about curtailing air shows, yeah, that's called a *luxury*. Get corporate sponsorship or stop doing them. We can't afford everything, and it won't kill our effecti9veness to return to the Defense Budget of 2009. We've been overspending since 9/11 and Homeland Security has been handing out free stuff to places with no threat.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Deidre · 8 years ago
        "The opportunity here is to grade large programs realistically for efficiency and effectiveness."

        The chances of this happening are what? In times past, strategic and contingency planning was a matter of course. Is this still being done? Does the USAF, or any other military entity, have a plan in place re what to cut and what is essential and must remain fully funded? Why am I cynical re anything to do with government...and these upper echelon guys everywhere in all military branches are government. We civilians look at the problem from the standpoint of running a business. Government never does. Of course there's waste. But the civilian's waste is the government's necessity.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    in_awe · 8 years ago
    I'm just happy that Homeland Security, the Post Office, the Department of Education, Department of the Interior, HUD, EPA, etc. were able to complete their critical acquisition of the 500M-1B rounds of hollow point ammunition for domestic use before these fiscal edicts were passed down...just sayin'
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sun Tzu · 8 years ago
    Glad to see some of the other insiders here are drawing attention to the DOD's wastrel spending habits

    I estimate from my humble experience, that the amount of money the DOD alone pisses off, is enough to give every "working" American a one million dollar retirement with a million or two of change left over! :-?

    But the Obomination and it's loyal Demoncrats seem more interested in buying votes with government charity programs that will never in a bazillion years give us the payback that the US Military gives us in the training of their personnel for better futures and insuring the security of our Republic. in or out of the military!

    If this lying jackanapes @ 1600 Penn Ave is so concerned about moving our country forward education and training wise, why isn't it encouraging more participation in our military? Answer, it would rather the money be funneled into the university Communist collective (where it came from) and turn out more leftist drones like it and it's brainwashed idiot followers!

    Many of our brightest and best civilian leaders and job creators come not from the Communist collectives of our university systems, but from the US Military! The TROOPS, the guys and gals doing the job, NOT just talking about same :eek:
  • This commment is unpublished.
    James L. Owens · 8 years ago
    Maybe his excellency, POTUS will start paying for his jaunts on AF 1.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Bruce E Parr · 8 years ago
    Maybe the FLOTUS might curtail her Christmas three week Hawaiian vacations for a few years.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Spacegunner · 8 years ago
    All the cuts, plus Obamanation GIVING F16 & M1A1's to Egypt! Downgrading our military while bolstering the enemy of Israel & the US.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      AMH · 8 years ago
      In uncertain times, one must prioritize. DoS funding 100,000 minority students to vacation ... err ... study in China over the next four years — now that's a priority. At maybe $15,000 per that comes to $1.5 billion, merely. Can you think of a better way to spent someone else's money? I surely can't.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Nani · 8 years ago
    National defense is the only mandatory function of the national government. Not funding welfare, foodstamps, social security, unemployment benefits, disability, medicaid, medicare, or obamacare. This administration is doing everything it can to demoralize our military with cutbacks, allowing women on the frontlines, gays to serve openly, replacing our best generals, ignoring our allies & bowing to our enemies.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Pete McNesbitt · 8 years ago
      So I suppose we should also put not funding the VA hospitals and clinics or other military benefits as other not mandatory, either using your line of reasoning. Also I know it sticks in your craw but the Republicans aren't doing any better than the Prez, in cutting the s-it out of the budget, of course other than funding pork at home
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jack E. Hammond · 8 years ago
    Dear Mike,

    Don't worry. They know how to play this game. When the government shut down in the 90s in a battle between Clinton and Congress the first thing they shut down was the Washington Monument, even though Washington city and other groups, offered to police it and pay to keep it open. They know closing the Washington Monument gets attention.

    There is bigger worries: like women in infantry units. Yes I have see the photos in Helmend provice with the Marines. But have you notice none are in combat out posts in the mountains. Sebastian Junger's WAR say why it is a very bad idea. If we have a war like the former Vietnam where their were weeks with KIA in hundreds or heaven forbid Korea, with weeks with KIA in thousands it will be horrible.

    Jack E. Hammond
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Epador · 8 years ago
      One aspect of women in the military is that there is a subset of women who get pregnant at amazingly co-incidental times that involve deployment schedules, unpleasant extended TDY, transfers, etc. If the MAIN argument most women in the military use is they don't get the same chance for advancement unless they get combat assignments, what's to stop them from getting the assignment for combat duty and then, sadly and coincidentally, getting disabled by becoming pregnant?

      This already is an issue in the non-combat positions. Media silent on this aspect of discipline. It needs to be addressed.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Epador · 8 years ago
    This is AMC. The backbone of support for not just the USAF but all military branches. They run most medical transport after CASEVAC, refueling, supply chains, transporting personnel to and from deployments, and so on. Not as glamorous as ACC, but without them everything grinds to a halt.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Bob Kausen · 8 years ago
    Let's see what we have here for women in combat. The first one I can think of is Killer
    Chick, Captain Kim Campbell A-10 Pilot. Next, Col Jeannie Leavitt The 45-year-old from St. Louis, Mo., takes over the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, one of only three units of F-15Es, the service’s premier fighter jets. Leavitt will be in charge of the wing’s 5,000 active duty men and women, with 12,000 civilians in the base population.”
    Capt. Kristin Bass A-10 and F-16 pilot. These are a few of the many Female fighter pilots
    in the US and countries worldwide. Lastly a 19 year old Medic SPC Monica Lin Brown won the Silver Star in Afghanistan saving the lives of 5 soldiers while under enemy fire.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    BILL ATWOOD · 8 years ago

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