Write a comment As a soldier who spent a year in Afghanistan, I wanted to let you know how good your story was. I met hundreds of kids and locals during my time there, and the funny thing about their poor living situations is that it doesn't hamper their attitudes or their zest for life. It was a huge changing point in my life, and I realized how much we take for granted here in the U.S and that so many people consider themselves poor when they really have no idea. It showed me what was really important in life. We Americans like to classify ourselvesby how much money we have and how many things we can aquire. And when we can't have something, we get depressed and feel sorry for ourselves, and wish our lives were better and we had more money etc.. The Afghanistan people are some of the friendliest people I've ever met in my life. They have no other desires in life except to work hard and have a family. That is what brings them happiness. Some Americans can really learn a lesson from them. At one time that is all Americans wanted. When our ancestors came here, all they wanted was to be left alone and to have the freedom to work hard and have a family. Now, it seems as if no one wants those simple things anymore. Everyone wants to be rich and all they care about is material things. The foundation of America has been lost and all you have to do is read this story or others like it, about Afghanistan to realize how far we've fallen. Another poster said he feels sorry for those people, well I feel sorry for us. Great article.
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