Afghan loyalty in true perspective and what those cute kids want to do when they grow up

Write a comment My western friends who are working for HR, freedom and democracy in Kabul, to whom I was talking yesterday, were just reassuring me that every single Afghan that they talk to swears they hate the Taleban, and are 100% on the side of western-style freedom and democracy. Do they think that these guys would admit they liked the Taleban because the Taleban took over in 1998 largely by negotiation, very little fighting, and they made the whole country (except that under the Northern Aliiance) peaceful, disarmed and secure after 20 years of war? (That's what they all told me, when I was in Kabul and toured the surrounding countryside in April 1999, a few months after the Taleban took Kabul - it was totally secure at that time and with my wife we drove all around and toured all the places in Logar, Nangrahar, Sarobi and surrounding provinces, upto Panjshir, no escort needed, no driver, we drove ourselves, totally unarmed, there was no threatening behavious, no danger was felt anywhere - is was cool and my even wife thought the Taleban were sweet. That was our experience and bona-fide western tourists at the time). No, now those same Afghans tell the westerners what they figure the westerners would like to hear - after all, if they give the impression they supported the Taleban they'd be disappeared and rended extraordinarily to Bagram torture centre, if not Gitmo. So watch your backs because those very same Afghans who now swear they hate the Taleban will stab you in the back one day and be proud of their loyalty to the freedom of their country. That's what Afghans do. Foreigners may think they are treacherous, turning on you when you least expect it, but for them that is cunning and loyalty to their country. They swear they support you 100% and you are the best guys in the whole world and thank you for liberating us, we love you Americans, British are great, long live NATO, whatever. Then the moment your back is turned - you get toasted, castrated and your body thrown in the river, if there is a river, and your trusty Afghan servant will exult that he has done his duty well. That's what Afghans have done to invaders throughout history. DO you believe what they tell you and think they that now it will be different because they say they want your brand of freedom and democracy even if it's imposed with an army of occupation that is there to kill other Afghans? Do you think that because people don't have long beards they must be against the Taleban? All that is so naive. Yesterday CNN reported the DHL "security" guard did just that and decided it was time to blow away these foreign invaders on Afghan soil. He could not wait. Boom! Another two invaders bite the dust. I am really sorry. It isn't me who supports that kind of behaviour. It's Afghans who are doing it. No doubt he had been carefully vetted and passed as an anti-Taleban, pro-western, modern, democratic, freedom-loving Afghan who could be fullt trusted to protect the westerners at the cost of his own life. "Freedom-loving Afghan" would have been the only correct bit of that assessment. So wise up, you guys, you've got it coming sooner or later. The Afghan will never be subdued, he will wait his chance, act nice and friendly, take all the dollars, smile, swear alliegance, and then one day boom!boom! You are toast and he exults. He has done his duty to his country and his people and struck a blow for freedom and democracy, Afghan style. When I look at these photographs of these great kids smiling for the camera, and no doubt taking handouts of Hershey bars and money to buy food, what I see when I look in their eyes is Afghan kids who dream of growing up and one day having the chance to kill these foreigners who think they are so welcome here. Dream on, guys.
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