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If you could speak ten languages completely fluently, at the snap of a finger...which would you choose?

Since they all will be completely fluent, the order does not matter. I would choose these:

1) The most sophisticated and descriptive current language in the world. Is that English? I do not know. Maybe French?

2) Language from space and time the great Pyramids were built.

3) First people to harness fire.

4) Those who built Nazca Lines.

5) The first ‘real’ language that has syntax.

6) Language of nearest space aliens

7) Language of the most distant space aliens

8) Language humans will speak in a million years

9) The most sophisticated language ever developed by the most sophisticated life form — which might be something like viruses (here goes the “viruses are not alive” thing.)

10) The language of Mother Nature, such as the languages of trees and viruses — trees do communicate. Everything communicates. Well, I suppose the language of Mother Nature probably blankets it all. Maybe there is a term for Unified Field Theory, or huge complex math can be reduced to a spark. Something tells me that by far, the most sophisticated languages do not use words, and that ultimately, there is only one language.


What would you pick?

That’s a very tough question. Or, in the spirit of the video, a quandary.

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