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Dispatch 41: War Words: “Frankly, we did win this election.”

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Yesterday I started in Alexandria, Virginia, with my friend COL(ret) Erik Peterson, USMC. Erik voted in Old Town. I voted earlier by mail

Erik and I first met in Afghanistan. Now we are tooling around DC in the midst of Antifa/BLM. Our world is strange like that.

Now is 0301 on 04 Nov 2020. The election is far from over. Not even close.

And so, Joe Biden came on television hinting that Joe had won.

Not to be out done, President Trump tweeted about fraud.

Again, not to be outdone, Jack Dorsey deleted the President's tweet.

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Dispatch 37: Violence Forecast for Portland, Eugene, I-5 Corridor

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Oregon police chiefs: regardless who wins, violent demonstrations in Portland. Possibly Eugene. Trump victory -- widespread violence primarily along I-5 corridor, metro areas. If Biden wins, violent demonstrations for "anger against Trump sins" in Portland, and possibly Eugene.

Very good source on this.

Dispatch 36: Portland Peril

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Washington, D.C.

I am currently in Washington, D.C. -- my thoughts are back on Portland, Oregon.

The decision to fly to DC for the final voting was not easy. Portland was my first stop on return to America due to the volatility and that Portland is a breeding ground for lethal extremism.

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Dispatch 34: Important Update Portland/Vancouver: HIGH potential for violence this weekend

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Some of this is out. Some you are hearing here first time. My information coming from law enforcement and other in-the-know sources

Situation: Kevin Peterson, Jr. fired at police in Vancouver and was shot to death. This shooting happened just near a local safe house and my friends heard the firing. They did not see the fight. They did not approach the area.

Read more: Dispatch 34: Important Update Portland/Vancouver: HIGH potential for violence this weekend

Dispatch 32: Flat Screen Riots, The Virus -- the ECONOMY

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Some quick, unedited thoughts. Much going on here so making this fast:

You may have noticed the latest Flat Screen Riots in Philadelphia, New York, on the West Coast, and Here-and-There.

Messages coming to me from media, "Are you in Philly yet?" No. I am a serious war correspondent and analyst, not an adrenaline photographer. My credentials do not hang on walls but in historical notes. Proven year-by-year with accurate assessments. Results of hard work and calling the ball no matter where it lands. There is little value in wasting time at Flat Screen Riots. Our economy is a thousand times more important than FSRs.

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Dispatch 31: Street Battles Philadelphia -- prepare for November and beyond

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America may soon face images of a police force scattered. Routed. Overrun. Black Hawk Down.

General uprising shatters illusion of control. Organization crumbles.

Police abandon units. Gear. Stations. Towns. Jails. These cascades happen in a matter of hours.

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Dispatch 30: Thai and US Insurrection, and Insurgency

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hkPro-democracy protesters give the three-finger salute outside a station in Bangkok as rallies continued [Lillian Suwanrumpha/ AFP]

Unedited morning thoughts:

Recently, I was an expert witness on arbitration for a situation involving Hong Kong. During proceedings, someone asked the difference between insurrection and insurgency. Answer: depends on who is answering. Same with "terrorism." Ten people, ten answers.

Of course, someone will fall back and say, "But this dictionary says..."

Today, dictionaries are rewritten in real time. "The dictionary" -- of which there are many -- is not a final arbiter on anything. Dictionary publishers are like police sketch-artists trying to describe a subject based on a thousand separate witness statements, and then pretending the sketch describing the subject is the new truth.

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Dispatch 29: Lacey, Washington -- corner support, and Presidential Debates

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Six local people gathered today the four corners of Marvin Road and College. The peacefully waved support banners for two hours from 1500-1700. I went with my friend who is a 79 year-old retired Soldier.

Over the two hours were stood there, hundreds of people beeped horns, shouted support, or gave supportive smiles or hand gestures. Of the hundreds who made some sort of overt acknowledgment, no more than 5% were anti-Trump, including one guy hanging out the door over the rooftop with his pants sagging gangster-style.

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Dispatch 27: Pandemic Update

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IMG 3299

Lacey, Washington

I'm out here sensing the ground and working on the network. Will soon make a serious fundraiser for a mobile communications/media vehicle that I will use to cover this around America. One generous soul already committed to matching the first $25,000 with an additional 25,000. The entire system will be not more than $240,000. More on that, later.

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Dispatch 19: Portland Now -- ANTIFA may attack ICE tonight, and I've been talking with Proud Boys leadership all evening

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America sure has changed since last time I was home. Marijuana stores all over the place. Loads of communists, and people who imagine Nazis spreading by cough and sneeze.

ANTIFA at this time is preparing to possibly attack the ICE building. I got the word by message while sitting with top four Proud Boy leaders in Portland. ANTIFA are out there right now. Proud Boys leaders were drinking beer with me. Though I haven't had a beer in years, so I was having water.

Read more: Dispatch 19: Portland Now -- ANTIFA may attack ICE tonight, and I've been talking with Proud Boys...

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