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Satellite Photo Shows China's Military Buildup in Response to Hong Kong Protests


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If you live in Hong Kong, wise to prepare for invasion. Nobody knows what is coming next, including China.

Possible that the airport will be stuffed again but this time with people scrambling for flights out.

Nobody knows. I do know that if Hong Kong had a second amendment, 12,000 troops would sustain massive casualties if there were serious resistance. Stuff like this is what the second amendment is all about. It's not about deer hunting.

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Casualties in Hong Kong

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Casualties in Hong Kong: In about the last 12 hours, one woman lost an eye apparently from a police shot (teargas or rubber bullet). I did not witness that. But in another location, I witnessed police firing teargas grenades into a train station. This man is a casualty from that incident, sustaining serious facial trauma.

I hope he has survived without any brain injury.

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Achtung! Pay attention


google in trouble

Tonight I talked for about an hour with a "Google Snowden" who will soon go public. A deep insider.

Fascinating stuff. I cannot say much now other than pay attention to what is coming out starting in a week or so from now.

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