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NOW: US Forces in Greece

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The pano was made by Chuck Holton just now using my Sony A9II. And so the resolution is actually far higher than you see here.

We saw a train last evening with US tanks. Traced the tracks to this dock. Found the tanks. Just made photos.

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Patreon: The Bird is in Jack Conte’s Hands

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Jack Conte’s Patreon has threatened to destroy our home here. To burn it down. With a single match. Years of works. Much risk. Many sleepless nights.

And generous donors from around the world. You have invested your precious labors. In time when money is short. In a time of discomfort and physical risks, you have donated your precious money and time to build our Patreon community.

We’ve been in this together. Many of us have met here or there.

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Afghanistan Lost

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Panama City, Panama
Mind burst, sans-edit

Just go back to 2006 and read my dozen major dispatches on losing the war in Afghanistan. At that time, millions of people regularly read my Iraq and Afghanistan. And at any one time, about half hated me or said I was wrong.

But now we can open the time capsule and see who was right and wrong on Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan-Korea relations, and Chinese information war.

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Have You Noticed Dearth of Books on 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination Program?

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Panama City, Panama

Mind-dump, sans-edit

I’ve read almost 60 books on pandemics yet not a single book on the 1976 vaccination program. There is a new book on Amazon but sounds conspiratorial.

This old volume is available on PDF and text formats. I just downloaded: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.b4333724&view=1up&seq=1

Read more: Have You Noticed Dearth of Books on 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination Program?

Hurricane America: You Are Here — and I am migrating to here…

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IMG 3514

United States is barreling into civil war. I predicted far back in January 2020 that 2021 would be dangerous, and as 2020 unfolded I specifically predicted roughly April-May with increasing violence through the warm months. Hotter it gets and longer days will create but one condition, as often is the case with brighter moons. Brighter the moon, the more people roll about. Commanche Moon. With modern technology, this can be put to test with smartphone tracking.

Read more: Hurricane America: You Are Here — and I am migrating to here…

Awesome: Mission Complete

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IMG 9608

Just took U.S. VIPs deep into Darien Jungle and they now safely on way back to America. Two Congressmen and others. They are amazingly courageous to have gone into Darien Gap with zero protection. Now you know why I lingered here so long. Took many reconnaissance and other efforts.

Read more: Awesome: Mission Complete

Migrant Boat Crash Yesterday Deep in Darien Jungle

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IMG 2896

Darien Isthmus

We passed about 16 boats full of migrants yesterday deep in the Darien jungle. One crashed and capsized similar to this painting. We had already passed the waving migrants and did not see them crash after we passed them. We were going upstream deeper into the jungle. They were going downstream toward United States, ultimately. Most appeared to be African or Haitian.

Read more: Migrant Boat Crash Yesterday Deep in Darien Jungle

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