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Awesome: Mission Complete

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IMG 9608

Just took U.S. VIPs deep into Darien Jungle and they now safely on way back to America. Two Congressmen and others. They are amazingly courageous to have gone into Darien Gap with zero protection. Now you know why I lingered here so long. Took many reconnaissance and other efforts.

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Migrant Boat Crash Yesterday Deep in Darien Jungle

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IMG 2896

Darien Isthmus

We passed about 16 boats full of migrants yesterday deep in the Darien jungle. One crashed and capsized similar to this painting. We had already passed the waving migrants and did not see them crash after we passed them. We were going upstream deeper into the jungle. They were going downstream toward United States, ultimately. Most appeared to be African or Haitian.

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“Dirty” Jungle: Colombia tried to send a force of 2,000 men through Darien — turned back

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IMG 2981

Panama City, Panama

Quick mind-dump

In 1903, Panama was in process of seceding from Colombia. The French canal already had failed so miserably that the failure shook the Eiffel tower. The fraud of the century for France.

And yes, the Eiffel. Gustave Eiffel. The tower guy.

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Darien Gap: Tale of Airplane Dogfight Crash in Jungle, Stealing wild meat from a Jaguar, Boating While Drunk, and Losing the Boat...More

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Mind-Dump, sans edit — Stream of consciousness -- written in snippets since Saturday

This is a mess-of no edit. I beg forgiveness, but I guarantee you will learn a lot. Am afraid this is too large. If you don’t have time, just push through images. Have a great weekend!


Never get so drunk that you lose your canoe on a crocodile river at night. Man and canoe swept downriver, deeper into the dark jungle. As if he could get any deeper. He started in a remote village, and there was no civilization downstream.

Tipped the canoe and drunk man too. Dark. No light. Into the jungle wild. Crocodiles. Save that story further down.


Did you know about the island dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua? While tracking a midnight flight of a small airplane on FlightRadar24.com, from Bogota to San Andres, I looked up San Andres and read about their island dispute.

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Countermeasures for phantom incoming missiles -- photo I made

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IMG 2878 1000

We were flying over Southern Iraq. British. Flying low to avoid ground fire. Sensors apparently detected missile launch and popped the countermeasures. This happened a great deal. There was no missile this time to my knowledge. Pilots told me sensors often spoofed on things like sunshine glints off water.

I wondered if some enemy were spoofing our birds to test our sensors. Imagine -- before an enemy fires real missiles, enemy shoots a laser to spark our sensors to discharge and waste our defenses.

These countermeasures nearly hit the farmers. Look closely and see a farmer. They probably thought we shot at them.

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Faces Without Joy: The Fate of Children — Darien Gap, the March to America

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IMG 7589

Darien Gap, Panama

I write these words beside the Pan Am highway. The highway system stretches from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska. In other words, with my American passport, I can walk to this highway, take a right, to Alaska. But if I take a left, I will quickly reach the end of the road.

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Panama: Jaguar Hunting — while others Hunt Migrants— literally

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IMG 7457

Darien Jungle, Panama

Unedited Mind-dump

This morning, after Embera Indian with Quapi Baby, and logging truck accident, we came across a peccary baby in the jungle road. Peccary baby ran off into jungle. I asked if peccary are dangerous here. Embera guide told me that in some places, like South America, peccary eat people and people eat peccary, but here it’s mostly people eat peccary.

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Roddy Sanchez: Coolest “Migrant” I’ve met, but he’s just doing a Walk-about

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IMG 6618


Quick mind-dump, sans edit

I mentioned Roddy a several days ago after finding in a tiny village that you will have difficulty finding on Google Earth. The village is Bajo Chiquito, in Darien Province, Panama.

I am still with Embera Indians even in Panama City and we are about to meet in Starbucks. Cannot make up this stuff. We were just together in remote Darien Province in the Darien Gap — a very dangerous place, getting trucks stuck in mud, deep in jungle, going up stream in dugout canoes, pigs in the river, cows in the river, ducking to miss branches, getting out to push the boat over shallows, and then finally coming to an area with many migrants bathing.

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Darien Gap to PanAm Highway -- trail of tears

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Panama City

I left the Darien jungle yesterday. Back in Panama City. Dangerous roads and traffic. Barely avoided what was almost likely a fatal car crash. After all that Darien jungle...it's the traffic.

The Darien Gap. I was out there. Many videos and photos. No time to publish much at the moment though I have done multiple CBS interviews with John Batchelor, and did another on War Room this morning, and some others offline. Briefing some elected officials, etc. Will go on with Frank Gaffney next Tuesday morning. Flying to Los Angeles this weekend -- am needed for a documentary. I will use that time to head down to Mexican border.

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Important Frag report from Panama

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IMG 6618

Darien Province, Panama

THIS IS NOT EDITED — and been a long four days, so please excuse any wordiness or errors. (I don’t like wordy writing, or errors...but it’s either edit or sleep and we going to another migrant camp tomorrow early.)

Been a very long four days and just got back to “civilization.” Covered in mud and no river around here to jump in. Embera Indians jump in the rivers several times per day and stay clean. Water clear. I just spent four days with Embera Indians.

Am very tired, sun and wind burned, and much to say. Took us a long time to get back due to rains/mud. Four trucks got stuck. Was just me and Embera Indians and one spoke English because he went to school in Oregon. He loves being Embera so came back here. Embera seems to like being Embera like Thais like being Thai.

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