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Moment of Truth
Moment of Truth in Iraq
(Hardcover, Library Binding) - by Michael Yon
* Hardcover:
* Advance Order: Estimated Ship Date April 2008
* Language: English

In Moment of Truth in Iraq, Michael sends a strong message: In 2007 we averted disaster and made great progress. But we still face grave dangers—and critical moments just ahead.  Even as the War is ending in Iraq, the conflict in Afghanistan is brewing and that’s why he is preparing to not only return to Iraq but Afghanistan as well. He plans on continuing to report exclusive material as only Michael can.

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Danger Close
Danger Close - Fourth Edition
(Hardcover, Library Binding) - by Michael Yon
* Hardcover: 432 pages
* Advance Sale: Ships in 48 hours
* Publisher: Apple Pie Publishers; 4th edition (Dec 1, 2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0615276652
For those who became familiar with Michael Yon's work through his riveting dispatches from the frontlines in Iraq, this first book will provide some answers to the question "who is this guy?" An engrossing personal memoir, first published in 2001, Yon's autobiography spans from his early, almost idyllic childhood in Florida to just after he completed his Special Forces training. It is unflinchingly honest, raw at times, and filled with promise and portend of his career as an explorer and writer.


  • Moment of Truth (Reader's Corner)

    "He's fearless ... provides a candid, soldier's-eye view ... from the very unique perspective of being there with them for weeks and months at a time ... delv[ing] deep into the human component."

    -General DAVID H. PETRAEUS, commanding general, Multi-National Force, Iraq


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    “But it will also include more from behind the scenes, as I travel up and down the back country to systematically report on the astounding campaign of 2007 to snatch Iraq back from the abyss. . . . I’ll introduce you to key American and Iraqi commanders who are making it happen in a place most were writing off as a crash site.”
    --Michael Yon--

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